Specific Probiotics for Infants

Currently there are a good number of probiotics for infants on the US market. In fact you may find that there are so many products that it makes choosing the right one for your baby difficult. Don’t be overwhelmed though – panic not! We have listed many (but not all!) of these baby probiotic supplements in our table below to help you navigate your way through and compare the wide choice of products on offer. Be aware that some these products contain prebiotics, whilst others do not.

NameManufacturerProbiotic Count per Serving (CFU: Billions)Number of Probiotic Genera Number of Probiotic Species Prebiotics
Baby BifidactylKal2.623Yes
Baby JarrowdophilusJarrow326Yes
Baby LifeSolaray311No
Flora BabyRenew Life425Yes
Iflora FirstSedona Labs3 21No
Infant’s BlendUdo’s Choice273No
Infant FormulationCustom Probiotics2523No
Life StartNatren111No
Maxi Baby Dophilus Country Life32 6No
Probiotic DropsBiogaia0.111No
Therbiotic Infant FormulaKlaire Labs102 10Yes

As well as these probiotic formulations, which are designed specifically for babies, some children’s probiotics are also suitable for infants. Have a look at our page on probiotics for children for more information on these particular products.

Click here too to find the answers to many of your frequently asked questions on baby probiotics and read about scientific studies which suggest probiotics do help babies!

We’ve also written a buyer’s guide, which you can use to ensure you with select only the quality products on the market as well as page to help you compare the cost of different probiotic supplements.

How Do I Administer Probiotic Supplements to a Baby?

Probiotics for Infants are Available in Liquid and Powder Form

Once you have bought your baby probiotic supplement, you may wonder as to the best way to give it to your baby. Well, the good news is that the vast majority of probiotics for infants come in powder or liquid form. This makes them easy to administer.

If your probiotic is in liquid form, then the easiest way is to drop them directly into your baby’s mouth. This way you can be sure that your baby will receive the exact and entire dosage required.

You can also add probiotic drops to your baby’s food or drink. Be aware that your child will only receive the full dose of probiotics if he or she consumes all the food or drink to which the probiotic supplement was added.

If your baby probiotic is in powder form, then this too can be added to liquid or solids. If your child is breastfed, then powders can also be rubbed onto the mother’s nipple. Your child will then ingest the probiotics as he or she suckles.

What is the Difference Between Probiotics for Infants and Adult Probiotic Supplements?

There are two main differences between probiotics for infants and those for adults. Firstly probiotics for babies contain fewer numbers of bacteria than adult ones. This is due to the fact that baby’s intestine is far shorter than that of an adult.

Secondly there are often differences in the clans (genera) and families (strains) of bacteria used in the two products. Probiotics for infants tend to be totally or at least largely composed of bacteria of the Bifidobacteria species, as these bacteria naturally make up to 90% of a breastfed baby’s digestive flora.

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